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eBook FAQ

Q: What happens after I purchase my ebook?


A: You’ll receive two emails. The first one will be from ByBrookelynMosley confirming your ebook purchase(s). The second one will be from 85 Media LLC, my media company, and will contain your links to download your ebook(s). You’ll click the links (or copy and paste each link in your browser window if the links don’t work for you when you click them). A download page will pop up. You’ll need to click “download.”


Q: How can I read my purchased ebook(s) from


A: We sell all ebooks as ePubs. An ePub is an ebook file format. EPubs are supported by many eReaders, and compatible software available on most smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Q: How do I download my ebook on my Apple device?


A: First, make sure you have iBooks downloaded on your phone. It’s a free app you can find in the App Store if you don’t already have it already.


Once you receive your links via email, click them. A download box will pop up. Click “download.”


After your book is done downloading, a tiny blue circle with an arrow will appear in your web browser window. Click the blue circle with the arrow.


A pop up will appear. Click “Downloads” near the bottom of that pop up. A download page will pop up with your ebook. Simply click the ebook title and it should automatically open with your iBooks.


If that doesn’t happen, navigate to your “Files” app, find your downloaded book there. If you don’t know where “Files” is on your device, type it in your phone’s “Search” field. Your book will be in your download folder. You should be able to click the book’s file there and it will open on iBooks.

Q: How do I download my ebook on my Android device?


A: I'm not too familiar with Android devices, but from research, I've learned you can open and read ePub files using Google Play Books or other eReader apps. Click the book links in the email, download the books, and choose which readers to open your book with. 


Q: How do I get a refund on my purchased ebook?


A: All purchased ebooks are final. There are no refunds.


If you have a question that has not been answered here, please reach out to eighty5mediallc[at], and I will reply to your message within 24hrs.